Hotel Travel Tips.

Adding a Tip to the Hotel Bill for Housekeeping

Many hotel housekeepers rely on their daily tips for added income. Often their hourly wage is lower because the hotel knows they will be receiving tips. If you stay at a hotel, you should tip the housekeeper. This is true even if you only stay at the hotel for one night because the housekeeper will still need to completely clean the room and change the bedding for the next guest. If you don’t have cash available, you can request that the tip be added on to your hotel bill.


Ask the hotel concierge whether a gratuity for the housekeeping services is automatically added to the bill. It may surprise you to find out that some hotels automatically charge guests a gratuity for every service the hotels provides including maids, bellhops, and doorman.
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Review the automatic gratuity if the hotel does automatically charge it. It may be a low figure in which case you would want to tip more. If the gratuity is satisfactory, then you can just sign the bill and allow the hotel to take care of tipping the housekeeper.
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Tell the concierge how much you want the housekeeper to get in a gratuity daily. According to the website Cheap Flights, the going rate is $2 per night. If the hotel is more prestigious than you may want to consider tipping between $5 and $10 per night. If the hotel already charges for daily for the gratuity than make sure you subtract that out. For example, if the hotel already charges $1 per day than you would tell the hotel to add another $1 per day to your bill to end up at the going rate.
# 4

Get a printed out copy of the total bill including the gratuity added for the housekeeper. Make sure it is accurate and then sign it so that it can be charged to your room. Most likely your credit card is already on file so the total charges will appear on your next credit card statement.